Beginners Guide to Chokes and Choke Tubes

Beginners Guide to Chokes and Choke Tubes 1. Introduction to Chokes and Choke Tubes Chokes and choke tubes are essential components of shotguns, influencing the spread of the shot as it exits the barrel. This guide provides beginners with an understanding of what chokes are, their types, and their significance in shotgun shooting. 2. Understanding […]

Introduction to Canadian Long Range Shooting

Long range shooting in Canada is a sport that has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years. It involves precision shooting at targets from extended distances, often exceeding several hundred meters. This growth in interest can be attributed to a variety of factors, including increased media attention and the development of more accessible […]

​Ol’Reds Top 3 Camping Shotguns

Camping is an adventure that connects us with nature, offering both challenges and tranquility. A reliable shotgun can be an essential tool for protection, hunting, and even survival in the wild. Ol’Red, a seasoned camper and hunter, shares his top three picks for the best camping shotguns, each selected for its unique features and suitability […]

​Ol’Reds Top 3 Camping Shotguns

Gopher Hunting Season: Tips and Tricks

​Ol’Reds Top 3 Camping Shotguns Ol’Reds Top 3 Camping Shotguns When heading out for a camping trip, having a reliable shotgun can be essential for both hunting and recreation not to mention peace of mind. Here are Ol’Reds top 3 camping shotguns that are perfect for the dirty, wet, and adverse conditions that can come […]